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Delegate Nomination.

To optimize its impact, this Summit is designed to be an intimate, action-oriented leadership gathering of practitioners and thought leaders in the field. In order to manage the size of the gathering and ensure a diversity of perspectives are represented, participation is by invitation only.



Through research and our network of advisors, we've identified and invited many of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the impact economy to the Summit. But, however robust our invitation list may be, it surely only captures a fraction of the leaders in the field. We have therefore set aside a block of delegate slots for individuals who should be in the room but have not been identified by our process. And, because we strongly believe in collective wisdom, we ask you to please share your wisdom with us by nominating other sector leaders you believe would bring an important perspective to--and would benefit from--this gathering! And if you yourself are that leader, please feel free to self-nominate!

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