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A special leadership gathering of impact investors, government officials,
social entrepreneurs, scholars, and economic developers... explore the role of for-benefit enterprise in accelerating job creation,
promoting economic and community development, and enhancing regional competitiveness.

During this time of mounting fiscal challenges and a sluggish and fragile economic recovery, there is a growing sector of "hybrid" or "for-benefit" enterprises that can create quality jobs and promote economic growth, contribute to the tax base, drive new resources to the nonprofit sector, and tackle a wide range of social and environmental issues that would otherwise fall on the shoulders of government and nonprofits. These enterprises are drivers of an “impact economy”—one that promotes social, environmental, as well as economic value creation.

To grow the impact economy and effectively harness its potential, there is a need for a more coherent and comprehensive national approach to developing the for-benefit sector. Economic development policies and programs, which are currently focused primarily on growing for-profit firms, need to be expanded to also support for-benefit enterprise development.

A gathering of LEADERS

A leadership gathering of practitioners and thought leaders representing multiple sectors, disciplines and perspectives. 


Accelerating the growth of the impact economy can open a new horizon of opportunity for tackling a wide range of intractable social, environmental and economic challenges we are facing.

Designed for ACTION

A participant-driven, outcome-oriented gathering designed to serve as a springboard for action and collaboration going forward. To catalyze action, $50,000 in seed grants will be given to the most promising initiatives that emerge at the Summit.


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