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The following resources provide additional background and context for the Summit. If you would like to suggest an additional resource, please submit it using the form to the right.

For-Benefit Enterprises


"The For-Benefit Enterprise." Harvard Business Review (November 2011). Heerad Sabeti.


"In Search of the Hybrid Ideal." Stanford Social Innovation Review (Summer 2012). Julie Battilana, Matthew Lee, John Walker, and Cheryl Dorsey.


"Solving Society's Problems from the Bottom Up." Challenge, vol. 55(1), pages 69-85 (January 2012). David Colander.

Ecosystem Development

"Collective Impact." Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2011). John Kania & Mark Kramer.


"The Megacommunity Manifesto." strategy+business (Summer 2006). Mark Gerencser, Fernando Napolitano, and Reginald Van Lee.

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